Tomato Arch Cluster Support Mới

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  • Trung Quốc
  • TPTC6
  • L/C, T/T
  • 30 days
  • standard carton

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China tomato arch cluster support manufacturer Tomato Arch Cluster Support in PP Plastic is tomato cluster support has arch (half moon) shape. Tomato half moon supports fastened around the truss stem offer support for tomato cluster stems, keep vulnerable tomato trusses healthy and prevent damage. 6mm width Arch Support is packed in 12000 pcs per carton.

Name: Tomato Arch Cluster Support.

Size: 6mm.

Material: PP.

Package: 12000 Pcs/Carton.

Carton Size: 38.5x32x44cm.

Weight: 8.4kg/Carton.

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